Born and raised in Palm Springs, Ca, Christina Loren grew up watching the Weather Channel and praying for rain. After years of studying the Doppler on her “local on the 8’s,” it became apparent to Christina that weather was her passion. She began doing her own forecasts as a teenager and would report the weather to friends for fun. These days, nothing pleases her more than a perfectly accurate forecast.  Christina earned a B.A. in Economics and minored in Communications at CSU Chico and completed one year of Graduate work in the field of Operational Meteorology. In 2009, Christina finished a three-year program at Mississippi State University, achieving official Meteorological Certification.  After working at KHSL in Chico, KPSP in Palm Springs, and KERO in Bakersfield, Christina has forecasted weather from Northern to Southern California and is excited to bring her experience and knowledge to the Bay Area.   Christina currently lives in Campbell with her two pugs and is happy to be forecasting weather for residents in her home state.